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football athletes
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Who we are

The company Msoccer Management is a institution, specialized in football; Focused on plamning and managing sport careers in the sport Market, working Always by representation with athletes and clubs in Brazil and around world.

Since 2019 the year of its foundation with its headquarters in Rio de Janeiro,it has officially registered with the CBF.

The company has developed projects and investiments in potential athaletes, and also in new business in Brazil and around world. Including the opening scheduled for 2021, of its branch in europe, where several projects will be developed in partnership with Clubs, Agents and Companies.




Generally manage the careers of athletes, mediate business in Brazil and around world Always using good practices such as Ethics, Transparency, social Inclusion and Cooperation.


Professional Ethics, Social Inclusion and Collaboration between peoples and Nations.


To be recognized as a different company in the world market for intermediation and career management with its business partners.


Although we have a "new" structure, we work in constant growth to meet the needs of our athletes and to prepare ourselves for the future demands that will come. Therefore, it follows the services we currently provide:


Athete career planning and management

Physical therapy (With specialists in the treatment of professional football players)

Business sports management

Legal advise and accesory

Sports events

Sports marketing management

Press consultancy

Partnership of evental sponsorships

Our Athletes

We are analyzing some data from our athletes. We will soon see your biographies here.


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